Citadel Tracking Page

What our Citadel has:

  • Tier 3
  • Woodcut Plot
  • Mining Plot
  • Firemaking Plot
  • Smithing Plot
  • Avatar

Resources to Gather in priority:

  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Bars
  • Charcoal
  • Ore

Current Upgrades in Process or Planned:

  • cosmetic upgrades

Avatar Warden Privileges
I am sure many of you have noticed all the admin ranks in cc. Let me make it clear, those are not promotions in ranking. It indicates those members have Avatar Privileges. Because of the way the clan ranking system is set up, only officer level ranks can call the avatar. To get around this we decided to create a special stripped down
"admin" rank, to allow for avatar usage. Everyone's rank on the clan website is the true reflection of what rank they are in clan.

  • Anyone who has capped once can request Avatar Warden Privileges here.

But there are rules to follow or they will be stripped of the privilege permanently.

  • You must cap every week, no matter what.
  • You must read the Avatar Hand book available from the Head Guard in the Keep.
  • The Avatar must be kept on World 14.
  • You must dismiss the avatar before you log or go to lobby. It is understandable accidents happen, first time you get a freebie, second time you lose your avatar rights for 2 weeks, third time 3 weeks and so on.
  • You may only keep the avatar for 6 hrs then it will automaticly go home. You must ask others if they want it before renewing it yourself.

Please note:

  • If fighting over the avatar becomes an issue we will go back to only officers being allowed to have it out.
  • Not following the listed rules will result in immediate removal of privileges.
  • We are adults, let's behave like adults.
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