Frequently Asked Questions


Most commonly asked questions all members are expected to know

Who are the leaders?

Appliquetion and Mmellinger1

How old is the clan?

  • The clan was first formed in January 2008; first called The_consortium. After a restructuring in April 2008, the clan adopted the current name The_Remnantz.

What are the rules?

1. Must be 18 or older.

2. Respect Clan Officers.
You must listen to ranked officers at all events and in chat. If you are issued a warning cease your behavior immediately. Do not argue it out.

3. Be nice to fellow Clanmates.
Be careful when teasing, Not everyone may realize you are "Just Kidding."

4. Keep Cussing to a minimum.
We are adults, we do not have to prove we are cool by cussing every other word.

5. No politics or religion in Clan Chat
As these are topics that inevitably end in fights, they are banned from being discussed feel free to talk about them via private pms.

6. Respect all Jagex rules.
In game and forums

7. No correcting spelling/grammar/punctuation.
If you don't understand what someone has said ask them to repeat themselves. We have people from around the world playing — therefore not everyone might know how to spell perfectly in English. Cut them some slack.

8. No racey/vulgar names & Report name changes on forum
Whereas we are a mature clan, we prefer not to see vulgar names on our members as we feel this is a reflection on our level of maturity. Therefore if you have an offensive name, or abbreviations of bad language in your name, you will be asked to leave clan until it is changed.

Also due to the amount of work involved in keeping the Clan website up-to-date, it is requested that you report your name changes in the forums as soon as possible. So that you get credited at check-in under the right name and your friends know who the hell you are.

9. Finally just don't be a dumb ass….

What is the clan chat name?

  • The_Remnantz

What are the ranks?

  • Clan Leader (General, gold star)
  • Arch-Angels (Captains, silver star)
  • Guardian Angels (Lieutenants, bronze star)
  • Saints (Sergeants, 3 bar)
  • Devoted (Corporals, 2 bar, 100pts for promotion)
  • Supplicants (Recruits, 1 bar, 25pts for promotion)
  • Purgatory (Smiley face)

What rank will I start out in?

  • Upon request to join you will be waiting In Purgatory. You will not be recognized as a full member of the clan till you have achieved Supplicant status. You will be in this rank until your 30 day anniversary. Clan Chat Rank is recruit.

How is rank awarded?

  • Our rank structure is based on seniority and commitment to the clan. Those who are most active will find they raise through the ranks quickly. Those who are unable to assist as much will raise slower.
  • Each month we do require a "check-in" on the clan site which allows us to count you as still active. Each month that you check in you will qualify for consideration of a rank promotion.
  • Returning members will be dealt with on a individual basis in regards to rank depending on the manner in which they left.

Can I request a higher rank due to my skill total and combat lvl?

  • No, rank is earned through time in the clan not the amount of time you invested in building up your character.

What happens if I don't check-in?

  • Failure to check-in will result in demotion or removal from clan depending on current rank at the time.

Do you have clan events?

  • We do have some events planned. They can be found on the clan calendar.

What events do you do?

A list of some events we have had in the past:
For the Skillers:

ZMI Alter Run
Bone Gathering @ the warriors guild
Werewolf Time Trails
Pottery Day
Mining Guild
Penguin Hunting
Gnome Delivery Mini-Game
Maple Cutting
Fire!!! Fire!!! @ the Yews
Sorceress' Garden
Mage Training
Games Room
Pyramid Plunder
Rouges'd Den
Trawler Fishing
House Parties
Snowball Fights
Hide and Seek

For the Blood thirsty:

King Black Dragon
Kalphite Queen
God Wars
Pest Control
Chaos Elemental
Castle Wars
Giant Mole Hunts
Chompy Hunting
TzHaar Caves
Warrior's Guild Training
Duel Arena

How often are events?

  • Every week we host at least 2 events. We rotate through the skill list so eventually we work on them all.

What time are events held at?

  • Event times vary, you will need to consult the clan calendar. Official clan time zone is Eastern US. (CST +1 hr)(PST +3 hrs)(GMT -5 hrs)

Do I have to attend every event?

  • No one is required to attend. I am not saying you will not get friendly peer pressure to join in, but you won't be forced to go in order to stay part of the clan.

Where is the event calendar?

  • located under the calendar tab above.

What are skill challenges?

  • Every so often a skill is featured and you can sign up to train in that skill. It is a fun competitive way to train your skills.

How often do we war other clans?

  • We do not. We are a non-warring clan… that means no clan challenging other clans to the death.

Do we have a home world?

  • Yes we do have a home world it is 14. You are not required to be on it at all times. Events will be held on that world.
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