The Administrative team composes of three ranks, clan leader, co-clan leader and Arch-Angel. They oversee general welfare of clan and split the administrative duties. Clan Chat is Gold/Silver/Bronze Keys.

All Administrative Team Members are responsible for the following:

  • Moderates Clan Chat and kick if incident is warranted.
  • Settles disputes and listens to member grievances.
  • Ban Members/issues warnings
  • Plans, organizes, and updates event calendar
  • Maintains the Clan Wiki and Clan Forums.
  • Recruits new members and harasses the old.
  • Maintains back up records of clan business
  • Provides support and guidance to everyone in the clan
  • Writes guides to events if needed.
  • Promotion of Clan in game
  • Promotion of Clan on Forum
  • Diplomacy with other clans

Those Currently Holding The Rank:

Name Joined Rank Update
Appliquetion 01.25.08 Clan-Leader Edit
Mmellinger1 01.29.08 Co-Clan-Leader Edit
Stormguide 08.20.10 Arch-Angel Edit

Rank below are Guardian Angels.

If you have any questions about rank, please ask an officer.

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