1. Must be 18 or older.

2. Respect Clan Officers.
You must listen to ranked officers at all events and in chat. If you are issued a warning cease your behavior immediately. Do not argue it out.

3. Be nice to fellow Clanmates.
Be careful when teasing, Not everyone may realize you are "Just Kidding."

4. Keep Cussing to a minimum.
We are adults, we do not have to prove we are cool by cussing every other word.

5. No politics or religion in Clan Chat
As these are topics that inevitably end in fights, they are banned from being discussed feel free to talk about them via private pms.

6. Respect all Jagex rules.
In game and forums

7. No correcting spelling/grammar/punctuation.
If you don't understand what someone has said ask them to repeat themselves. We have people from around the world playing — therefore not everyone might know how to spell perfectly in English. Cut them some slack.

8. No racey/vulgar names & Report name changes on forum
Whereas we are a mature clan, we prefer not to see vulgar names on our members as we feel this is a reflection on our level of maturity. Therefore if you have an offensive name, or abbreviations of bad language in your name, you will be asked to leave clan until it is changed.

Also due to the amount of work involved in keeping the Clan website up-to-date, it is requested that you report your name changes in the forums as soon as possible. So that you get credited at check-in under the right name and your friends know who the hell you are.

9. Finally just don't be a dumb ass….

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