Step 1: Joining the Clan Site.

Joining The Clan Site Instructions

There is more after this step, come back after you get signed up to site!

FIRST: Creating a Wiki Acct

1. Click Create a New Acct below.
2. Fill in the Form, please use your RuneScape Character Name (or close to it) as the Username,

  • Please note if you receive a error stating your email can not be used or you do not receive a verification email, HOTMAIL ACCTS RARELY WORK we recommend you set up a gmail acct or a yahoo acct. They seems to have the least issues, you will not need the email acct again after you receive the verification email. Do not worry no one in the clan will see the email you use.
  • Be sure to check your spam or junk folders for the email if you do not receive it quickly.

3. Go to your email account and find the confirmation Code emailed to you. Click the link provided it will bring you back to this page.

SECOND: Joining the Site

1. Contact an Officer in Clan for a randomly generated password.
2. Enter in the Secret Password in the box below.

You can not apply.
Membership via password is not enabled for this site.

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