Step 3: Ranks

Ranking in Clan…

Our rank structure is based on seniority and commitment to the clan. Those who are most active will find they raise through the ranks quickly. Those who are unable to assist as much will raise slower.

It flows in the following pattern depending on when your 30-day recruit period is up:

  • Recruit (less than 30days in clan)
  • Corporal - awarded on 1 month anniversary
  • Sergeant - awarded between 2nd-4th Month
  • Lieutenant - awarded between 5th-7th Month
  • Captain - awarded between 8th-10th Month
  • General - awarded on 1yr anniversary
  • Officer Ranks: Organiser, Coordinator, Overseer, Deputy Owner, Owner

Admin - is given to those who want Avatar privileges. (for more details see the citadel page in the "Members Area")

Returning members are given rank on a individual basis depending on the manner in which they left the clan previously.

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