Step 4: Staying Connected In Clan

The Forums

It cannot be stressed too much how important it is for you to keep up on what is going on in the clan. It is strongly recommended you read the News and Recent Posts EVERY DAY before logging onto runescape to play.

You can find the Forums under the “Member Area” drop down on the Top Navigation Bar on any page of the wiki. The main Forum page has two tabs at the top the "Forums Sections" and "Recent posts". The Forum Section is broken up in to several sections to make navigation a bit easier, even then it can still be confusing on where to find things.

Recent Posts

This is where the most recent comment posted are compiled for easier reading. Click the tab above the forums that says "Recent Posts" to access this area
This page can be confusing to new users.

  • New Threads are posted on the left column, the only way to see the original body of these threads is to click the title.
  • Any comments made on New Threads are listed in the right column.
    • You will quickly learn that most New thread bodies are left blank and the main info of the thread is posted in the first comment section so that it will show up as a recent post.

The Forum Sections are:

Member Forum

This Forum Area is where you will:

  • Post any General Chat Topics and talk about anything on your mind.
  • Report your participation at events.
  • Create a forum signature.
  • Register a name change.
  • Post your resignation.
  • Report if your going on vacation.

Suggestion Forum

This Forum Section is where you can suggest:

  • New Forum Sections
  • Suggest Events
  • Suggest Changes to the Clan
  • Report Errors on the Wiki

Admin Forum

  • This is the Forum Area you would go to if you need to leave a note for an officer or the clan leaders.

Clan News

Important happenings in the clan are always posted to the Clan News page (found under the "Member Center" link above). It is highly recommended that you read that on a regular basis as warnings and changes to clan will be posted there.

Voice Chat

We have created a voice chat room for those who would like to use it for bossing or even just hanging out.

  • If you want to be a member you can apply to join. Either Storm or Apple can approve you. Let them know you are pending.

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