Step 5: Staying Active in Clan

Staying Active in Clan…

Each month we do require a ''check-in'' on the clan site which allows us to count you as still active. Each month that you check in you will qualify for consideration of a rank promotion. Those who can not be bothered to check in will be removed from clan.

Let's get you checked in for the first time. Be sure to come back to here after you do these steps.

  1. Click on your RS name on the right side bar under Member profiles. If you do not see your name please contact a Key Officer in CC.
  2. Once your profile page is open, click "edit" above the small calendar on the sidebar.
  3. At the top of your profile is the Check in area, click "yes" then save. To save click "Control S" or scroll to the bottom. All the questions on your profile are optional. Your profile is kind of a welcoming mat to let the clan know about you and share your achievements with everyone. Fill out what makes you happy.

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